Projects & a Picture

A little project I wanted to share today.

While thrifting the other day... I found a really neat floor lamp for $13.00, it has a beautiful ornate marble base and I was so lucky because it was already rewired.
The following day, I was on the hunt for a lamp shade, and came across this one.
Which is not near as old, but for 89 cents? I couldn't pass it up, I had ideas for it.

Today I visited a local craft store and picked up some "vintage-inspired" fringe.

Hot glue and a few burnt fingers later :(

I stood back and scratched my head...Hmm... thought it was missing something, so I hot glued some of my many vintage buttons to the top of the shade. Some of the prettiest ones, some of my favorites. I stand back and look and think, Is it to much? Too busy? Hmm... I'm not sure...I'll live with it for a little while, I can always remove them and add a trim or something.
We'll see :)

AND... I wanted to show you an "AFTER" picture, of this GINORMOUS footstool that I found for
I really meant to take a "BEFORE" picture, but I forgot :(
You would never in a million years believe how it used to look. An ugly peach and green plaid!!!
But now, with it's very pretty nail-heads and pretty blue velvet... I couldn't be happier.
The little chubby legs were like a whitewash, sorta. Now they are a pretty dark Mahogany.

In this post, months ago, I shared how I was in love with Kate Winslet's Cots Wolds cottage in
the movie,"The Holiday". So when I found this icky, ugly ottoman I envisioned it.

Of course I can't take the credit, but when I picked it up at the upholstery shop, I just about jumped out of my socks :)

OH, and I picked up this large tin framed photo today, I was going to list it in the shoppe. Although I do pretty well not keeping too many things for myself while thrifting. Every once in a while I find something mesmerizing, like this photograph! Something sort of haunting, yet, enchanting about it.


  1. wow! you are brilliant! the lamp and footstool look great! i love the "Holiday" cottage, too...and that photo is amazing...i don't blame you for keeping it for yourself! :-)

  2. hi! i just found your blog (via your etsy shop), and i love your style!
    your ottoman is to die for. do you mind me asking how much an upholstery job like that cost you?


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