A Summer Saturday

Distinguised little coastal town, with European Style Architecture.

This little cottage {below} we parked in front of, as we headed down to the beach-y sand.
Oh to be this lucky homeowner....eh?

Can you see that crooked chimney? {sigh}


StoryBook Charm ;)

Little carrot tail .aka. Meg, loved the sand and water.

View from the car.

The air of course, amazing... crisp and salty.


...goodbye warm sand. goodbye cool waters... I'll miss you.

...so when I win the California Lottery, this is where we will move.
Which of course is a long stretch, because you have to actually play the lottery to win the lottery!

Hope your weekend is ending nicely!


  1. Hey, that's where we are going too when we win. I was just checking home prices there last week. If I only had 5 million dollars plus change for taxes I would be there already. We went a couple of weeks ago. Megan lives in Monterey so it's very convient.

  2. We are going to be going there next June! It was fun to see a sneak peek of it :)


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