My Big Book & Cat?

Oh Yeah!

I've been wanting a good book about the History of Circus for a long time. I've searched Amazon for sometime and finally found one. Not until I ordered it and received it in the mail did I go back to read the reviews and the SIZE!!
Mind you I have no ordinary size cat, Gideon is bigger than your ordinary house cat. "Ragdolls" are BIG pussy-cats. He's HUGE! Much bigger than my mothers West Highland Terrier, taller than my Cairn Terrier.
He measures probably over 3 feet if he stretches when he does. I measured him in this photo and is 23 inches relaxed :)

So back to my book....
it's BEHEMOTH! GINORMOUS! If you could only see for yourself!
I swear it must weigh over 20 pounds, I seriously wouldn't be surprised. How I ever got away with paying 4.95 in shipping is beyond me.

Of course Gideon wanted nothing to do with moving "off" of the book. So I let him be, to share some of this incredible-ness with you.
It's lovely!!

Perfect of all Circus books.
But not one to crawl in bed with. Not unless you'd like to be squashed.


Such wonderful history!

Amazing Illustrations!

~I'm in heaven~

Isn't it great?


  1. oh i love this! that book and that cat are too fabulous!

  2. he might be the most beautiful cat i've ever seen! he looks so squishable. :)


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