Haunting Photo and Snippets

I do find a-lot of vintage photographs. I love them! Each one I find...some a little bone-chilling but to say the least, they're charming.
but the creepier, the better to me.

I know a-lot of old photographs are sorta creepy, most probably.
I found this one during my last thrift-shop-extravaganza.
I think it's a picture of a picture, but I haven't taken it out of it's frame. The frame is not old, but I like it.

Some pictures of some of my most recent findings.
I find vintage souvenirs to be very sweet.
I love this old San Fransisco one.

A little Japanese porcelain pony.

Unusual glass cloche with a quirky top.

These old bark cloth-y floral napkins are lovely!

Unusual metal football wall-hangings, very cute!

Just little snippets of things I have picked up here and there. All for the shoppe!

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!
Thanks for visiting today :D


  1. You have some great finds. I like the metal football players. The little cloche is cute too! I also love old black and white photos, I don't sell them I just keep them to decorate with, I do not find them to often. Hope that you have a nice week too. sandi

  2. oh i just love old photographs! and that little horse is too sweet. boy would i love to go thrifting with you! (oh, and i added a link to your shop to my blog! i dug through your sales archives to find the picture of the glass dome i got from you- i just love the way you displayed it!)

  3. I always love to see your findings. It is funny because I sometimes see things that I have bought before - we have similar tastes :)


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