Say Hello Claire!

Well... if she had a head{lol}

This is Claire, my antique dress-form.
She's been in our family for many years now.
I found her at a salvage yard we used to have here in town. I remember when I first seen her, I didn't care how much she was I grabbed her so fast!
She ended up costing me 99.00, which I thought was not too bad. I'm glad I got her though, I haven't came across too many and if I have they are quite pricey! I remember her first week at our home, she used to be in our bedroom, which was hard to get used to..... we'd wake up in the middle of the night, to be startled by this human-like-shadow-in-the-night. I have to admit, it was creepy at times. But we soon got used to her.
She now stands in our foyer.

She is lots of fun, I love dressing her up. Like a giant doll. Here is she dressed as our Victorian house-maid. She's holding a ginormous feather duster from the Palace Hotel in San Fransisco, I purchased from an antique store that went out of business. This week she's dressed like a 1940's house-wife.

Oh and I have a surprise for a lucky reader..... the winner for my very first gift-away is:

Reader # 2.


Picked via Random Number Generator.

Hope your long weekend was a good one StoryBook'rs!


  1. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  2. Michelle- my address is the same...I am so excited to win your fabulous gift-away! by the way, Claire is amazing! You certainly did get a great deal on her!

  3. P.S. I thought I had posted a comment last night, but I must have forgotten to type in the captcha...whoops! :-)

  4. Ha! That story about waking up and being startled made me laugh. I just got a dress form a few weeks ago and she was in our living room and everytime anyone came around the corner we did a little jump. Great find :)


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