Step In Time

Happy Wednesday Morning to Ya!

As I'm sitting here drinking my morning coffee and enjoying this beautiful cool morning outside, I'm also flipping through Anthropologie's fall catalog.

So very, very pretty!

I love Autumn!

I love Coats!

I love this BED!

For the last couple of years I have begun an Anthropologie Catalog Collection.
A constant source of inspiration in each and every issue.

I love Boots!

I always step back in time, and am in "Aw", flipping each page one by one.


  1. So so lovely...I did not know they had a catalog..I am from Canada and only visit their lovely stores when I am down in the US...maybe they will send me a catalog so off the check this out! I adore that red coat...ooooh la la! Thanks for the post!

  2. I like all the boots on the bench, looks cool. sandi

  3. You know what I wish I had saved? The old JCrew catalogs. I do love anthropolgie ones too. Good idea to save them!

  4. Oh I know, everything in there is gorgeous!!! Nice way to spend your morning :)


  5. oh this feels so cozy- like i'm right there with you, drinking coffee and looking at that fabulous catalog! i am partial to the car on the front...

  6. Hi Michelle, I remember your blog, it is very cute! I like your sewing table, ribbons in the baskets and I like to look at wooden spools of thread too!! don't know just why, but I do. Someday I will share with you my collection of sewing notions that I have collected. Good night for now. sandi


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