All Is Calm...After A Storm.


So we had this crazy storm come through my little spot on the California State Map!
I love it though, dark clouds.howling winds.wonderful smells of rain.

My neighbor's 50 year old tree fell OVER! I was sitting on my sofa when it happened. Mr. Friend had climbed into our attic to inspect a possible roof leak, when I heard a ::THUNK::, worried he fell through the roof, as I always think when he gets in there.

Amazing size tree that could have made so much more damage than caused.... it's funny how things work out. Her car is always parked in her driveway, and wasn't at that moment AND it could have fell ON her house! She was very lucky!

Cleaning crew came out this morning and there must have been 30 city working men busy cleaning and cutting and hauling and I think they did it all in like 25 minutes......

The scene depicted between my front window shutters.

On a lighter note:

I think my favorite part of selling on Etsy will always be packing/ wrapping sold orders!




  1. oh i love a good storm! and your packaging is so sweet!

  2. I love storms too :)
    Your packaing looks great...I wish I enjoyed that part of it more than I do.

  3. I wish I enjoyed that part of it more than I do. And I really loved these kind of storm!


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