By Definition:

The art or operation of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of dead animals for exhibition in a lifelike state.

So yeah.... I couldn't wait another day to share what I found today while thrifting.

I usually go thrifting on my days off, from my day job. But today{after work}.... I felt the urge for some relaxation and headed to my favorite store!

So before I share my finds with you. I know, I like weird things.... I can't help it, I'm most intrigued by the most extraordinary and Out-Of-The-Ordinary. I LOVE animals, though I am not a vegetarian. But nonetheless, I have always been an animal lover!

I've also been quite interested in Taxidermy, vintage Taxidermy. SO when I came across this guy today while shopping I just about jumped out of my knee highs ;)


but wait there's more:


but wait there's two more:

A Gaggle Of Army Ants!

A Vampire Bat!
Aren't they Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!

The girls that work at the store asked, "Are you a Teacher?"

My thoughts.... as I snatched him up, doing that "suspicious-looking-around-frantically-thrift-store-score" thing {I do that alot!}..... "Nope, I'm just a crazy woman who wants her house to look like the Museum Of Natural History!"
I'm not sure if there is a style called Creepy Vintage?
But I'm thinking these days, this is what I've been "into". Is there such a style or did I just make that up?

I so badly want to keep them for myself! On the other hand I've been thinking how wonderful they would be listed in my shoppe!

Oh me, oh my!
To keep or not to keep..... that is the Question!!!!!!!!

10-23-09 Update:
{This Taxidermy collection has decided to stay and live with us. Mr. Friend returned home the night I purchased them and instantly stated and I quote," COOL, you are NOT selling them....right?"}


  1. oh my goodness!!! what awesome finds! i especially like that bat...i don't think i would be able to sell it :-) i love the museum look, too...i would like to find a taxidermied crow!

  2. Miss Michelle,

    If you love taxidermy, then you would love Deyrolle in Paris near the Musee d'Orsay. I found this link that has some pictures. They are a little old, but I can't imagine it's changed too much. http://www.pbase.com/al309/paris1

    Can't wait to hear what happens with your finds!


  3. You must keep! Chances are you will not find them again and you can always sell later! Or maybe part with one and keep the rest?

  4. Omg...you struck gold! I love each and every piece. My brother had an alligator head my grandparents brought him from FL...wonder if it is still around?

  5. i love the museum look, too...i would like to find a taxidermied crow!Or maybe part with one and keep the rest?


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