Jelly Jars With A Pretty Table

I sit here as I type, quite tired really!

Such a big, long weekend.
But it's been nice. Lots of cooking, cleaning, eating, and even more cleaning. I think the worst part of the Holidays is the clean-up!
I know everyone says it, but I truly consumed enough food for four people {lol}

Oh! and we went to see the Christmas Carol in 3-D. Have you seen it yet? It's amazing, if you haven't. If you have the choice, see it in 3-D!!! The Graphics are out of this world. It was much like a ride.

I think we cooked one of the BEST dinners to date. Everything was so, so good!
The table, I thought, very pretty.

Our Christmas tree is up!

It smells so good.

Have a good rest of the weekend, here, as we creep our way into December.


  1. Your table looked so good! I love all the candles and lace.

  2. What a gloriously beautiful holiday table setting! And the photographs are just magical! Is that a dollhouse in the background? I would love to see pictures of how you have decorated it inside sometime! Your etsy shop is filled with delightful things. If you would like to visit my blog sometime, it is called "All Zhenne & Everything", and link to me etsy shop is on my blog. Best regards, Zhenne Wood

  3. love your table! those jelly jars are just perfect for candles! i also love those flip top bottles of water...

  4. Each case of Glass Jelly Jars comes with gold lug caps. These jars might be great for jams, jellies, sauces and more.


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