Holiday Shopping & A Wish List!

Well, I'm working on it anyways!

Such lovely things to see on Etsy!

I do love shopping for gifts on-line. So much more convenient and much less stressful. It would also be quite sad to not take any real life Christmas shopping trips. So, I do feel the need to get out of the house and jump in with the crowds. It can be fun! I'm crossing my fingers that this year we'll head to Union Square in the city!

Here are some of my favorite things on Etsy right now. Such pretty things, by the looks of these photos now, It's looking more like my wish list. My mind wanders, I know, I am thinking of others, but I do get a little distracted.
I can't help it :)

...just a few things that i wouldn't mind giving or receiving this holiday season.

See for yourself:

A cabinet of curiosities of your very own?

I'm on vacation this week.
Nothing planned.
Other than the GIANT flea-market by the bay, on Sunday. Maybe a little thrift shopping, for my shoppe, today, tomorrow and the day after that...... I guess more of a stay-cation.......suits me fine though!

Happy Shopping Sweet Readers!


  1. I really like the cabinet of curiosities! I wonder what MY cabinet of curiosities would look like....

  2. Happy vacation...I love me a stay-cation...btw, I love my little dish I got from your store...makes me happy when I see her! Thank you!

  3. p.s. love those egg prints in your shop!!

  4. you have such awesome taste! i am coveting your wishlist! :-) have fun Etsy shopping and "real life" shopping!

  5. Have a swell week at home! It sounds like it will be wonderful :)

  6. I love them all- esp the stripey scarf= perfect!

  7. Holiday shopping can be a lot of fun, but it can also be unnecessarily stressful. Creating a holiday wish list or online gift registry for each member of your family is one way to lower the stress for yourself and others.


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