New Year Greetings

Happy New Years Sweet Readers!

It's been really quiet around here lately.
You know how it is... Christmas is over, family has left. The excitement is gone, the decorations are coming down....sigh. I always get like this, during this time, every year.
I'm just a little blue today :'(

It's been especially quiet in my shoppe.
I am trying to enjoy it, though, a little depressing at times. But I know it's just that time of year. Some say it's a blessing in disguise.
Though it's been really slow in my shoppe, it has given me time to really enjoy this Holiday Season. I, like this lady, am enjoying the calmness of it all, & I'm going to give it my all in 2010. I'm excited for the new year, a fresh start, fresh ideas & a camera in hand.... and it will begin with lots of new treasures for my shoppe {{Boxes full I tell ya}}!!
Goodbye 2009, thank you for everything you've done for me.

I do hope everyone stays safe tonight, enjoy yourselves and see ya next year!


PS- My New Years goals:
1. Read at least one book a month.
2. Floss twice a day.
3. Save $$$ each week.


  1. Happy New Year Mcihelle!
    I get you....%100. I hate feeling crazy busy and then when the flip side happens I panic. Oh well, something to work on in the new year perhaps :)
    This is a hard time of the year....before we know it though it will be spring, a wonderful and glorious time of year. Enjoy the quiet.

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