The Three Things

That made me smile today.

1. It's a rare occasion for a family member to buy me a gift that is vintage.
My very thoughtful mother-in-law did just that, this Christmas Eve. This is one of the four special vintage treasures she surprised me with. It's a very sweet art deco brooch.
I wore it today.
I've come to find that I would much rather have something vintage as a gift vs. something new store bought. I feel like someone really knows me with a sweet gesture as such..... I don't think she reads my blog but....
thank you debbie!

"A world without string is chaos"
An awesome quote from one of my very favorite movies ever, (Mousehunt).

2. I had a good day of thrifting today, I've been finding some treasures-of-silver lately. Such precious, abandoned pieces of tarnished silver and I can't wait to list them in my shoppe. This giant ball of string is one of the not so silvery treasures I picked up today....isn't it wonderful!?! Silly really... but I snapped it up in a heartbeat. I think it looks great sitting upon this antique lamp base. Kind of sculpture like? No?

3. I always purchase these vintage Apothecary Jars, I know I've spoke about this before in past posts, my love for them. They're just one of those things that has 1,000 uses. Such stylish storage. This one I picked up today is for a very, very special stash ;)

Only 264 days to go!!!


  1. That string ball is AMAZING! I love it on the lamp base too. I always buy those apothocary jars too whenever I see them. I found a few goodies myself yesterday....I haven't been going thrifting because I have so much already to list but i popped into an antiques shop yesterday and found a cast iron gooseneck lamp and an small ornate brass mirror like none I've seen before. Undecided at this point if I will keep or sell. Happy 2010!!

  2. ...Rebekah - I haven't been thrift shopping much either, hardly at all this month. I have the same problem..... boxes of things waiting to be listed, but I still can't resist shopping!!! I don't think I'll ever balance that. AND the balance of keeping or selling? OH.. don't even get me going on that problem {{lol}}

    I think were in the same boat, dearie!


  3. I love old apothecary jars, too, or any old glass for that matter! You're going to Germany? I am soooo jealous! Ich liebe Deutschland!

  4. It’s a bit harsh to say that about Walcott considering he is just back from a long layoff. I could’ve included Diaby, actually.


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