Keeping Warm

I have a lot of layering going on here.

Though I love coats, and have a few favorite ones in my dressing room. It's just nice staying warm with layers upon layers-rather than taking your coat on and off when running errands and things.
These photos I took with my iPhone.
Not too bad I guess, really grainy though-sorry.

Denim Jacket~Gap
Long Sleeve Layering Top~Gap
Lace Slip~TJMax
Knee Socks~Forever21
Wool-Mittens~Etsy via LittleBYrd
Christmas Tree Santa Pin~Vintage

Brr.... it's really chilly today. I think it's like 40' out there.
That's cold to me :D

I just love this time of year when I'm able to wear some of my Vintage Christmas Tree Pins. Several years ago I went through a phase of collecting Vintage Christmas Tree Brooches. I had to dig to find them the other day. My, I have some pretty ones! I'd love to share them with you sometime. This one is probably my most favorite one. A teeny bit evil with his red rhinestone eyes, but he did come that way, isn't he cool?


  1. More daily outfits! :-) I love seeing other people's style! I love those boots!

  2. I love the socks over the tights! I might need to try that. Thanks for the idea. CUTE!

  3. We use a variety of materials as insulation.
    Insulation materials tend to be fluffy and soft.
    Animals and birds keep warm by fluffing up their fur or feathers.


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