Scrambled/Weird Thoughts

Ins't it cazry taht you can raed tihs sntecene atefr i've smbacerld the cneter of ecah wrod and jsut kpet the fsirt and lsat lteetr in ecah of tehm?

That's pretty cool. Huh? I found it randomly last night. My spellcheck is freaking-out! {{lol}}

I was also thinking wouldn't it be weird if everyone drove the same car?
A family member mentioned that the other day, and I keep thinking about it!

Wouldn't it be weird?
Think about it!!

I know, complete random post. {{lol}}


Have a nice day!


  1. You are too funny! One thing I love about driving an orange car is I can always find it pretty easily. I would go bananas if all cars were the same color!

  2. I played a game called Titan Quest, and 5 minutes into the game, the screen froze with dashed blue lines. After reboot, the BIOS screens were scrambled as before


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