Cold and Windy with a Chance of Showers

I guess that's hello, in German. That's an easy one!
.....learning a bit of German is on my to-do-list.
Basic words of course.

Only 241 days to go.
I'm already thinking of what I'll take, what I'll wear.
I've bought a new coat for our trip, it's coming in the mail. I ordered it from Europe. On clearance! Can't wait!

I'm getting things together for passports. Working on getting our taxes together. I've been really, really busy lately. It's kept me from my blog {{sigh}}.

I thinks it been raining for a week straight!
Very, very wet!
I had a nice afternoon.
Wrapping up orders while watching Matilda. I had a short shift at my day job today, which is nice at times. Got me to get a lot of everyday-life-things done.
I'm getting together a little corner of my home for taking photos of the new treasures I have. The rain has kept me from updating my shoppe. I don't have a lot of windows in here. So I'm hoping the lighting in this dark January month, will work with me. I'll see how it goes.

I know it's a bit soon to say..... but I'm looking forward to you, Spring!!!

Now dinner..... what to have, that is the question?

Happy Weekend to ya!

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