Store Setup

Hallo ;)

Well it's the end of the weekend and now have a new corner of my home for my etsy store.

Terrible lighting{lamp light}, of course-sorry.
But I couldn't wait to share what I'd found.

The thrift store I frequently visit was throwing away this old letter press drawer, how could they?
I drove through the back of the store one day and seen it poking out of the dumpster. I don't usually dumpster dive. But, maybe I should more often?
That was a pretty good day!

Originally I thought I'd sell it, but than I thought about it's size and shipping it-ugh!
Than I thought it might a good back drop for showcasing my new listings, for the winter that is.
My preference is to photograph all of the new treasures outdoors, in my garden but as weather permits.... that won't be happening anytime soon. Whether it's the cold or the rain, it's just not going to happen until Spring.

I've added a few of my own curiosities for fun. I was just looking around quickly for little tiny objects to add.

This old wooden bench I also picked up while thrifting not too long ago,
I think I paid $6.00 or so.

I've said it before...... I'll say it again..now if the lighting will just work with me I could finally update le' shoppe! I may have to move it around the room. Play around with the best spots as the light shines through. Grrrr......

Please mother nature, bring me some sunshine soon....... please.


  1. What a great find! I can't believe they were throwing that away. I know, lighting has been hard for me too. I have a 2 hour window of time that works and that is it.

  2. Oh Boy! you hit a home run. Love the cubby...


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