A Day In The Life

of me.

When I'm not tending the shoppe,

I'm here.

A few photo's of things I see, 25-30 hours a week.........
.......little vignettes here and there.

I've been working more than ever, these past few weeks.
Down two people, puts more work load for others. Like me.

I'm not complaining though..OK, maybe a little.
Let me just say, "I'm happy the Holiday Season is over-with!"

This magnet that hangs in the back, says how we really feel.

It's cold here.
Overcast and Lovely.

But also makes me quite lazy.
Christmas tree is still lite and sitting in the window.... one of these days I'll get to taking it down*lol*

Dishes waiting to be washed, clothes piling....begging to be folded. Beds unmade..... packages waiting for their journey to the P.O.

I'm in need of some serious energy.


  1. Hello Michelle, it is the foggy days they make me sluggish too. Hope we get a little sunshine soon. Blessings, sandi

  2. I always feel so tired in the winter. I have been taking daily naps lately!

  3. Ha! That magnet is hilarious!! I say be lazy. That stuff can wait. Enjoy.

  4. It's so hot here where I am, which makes me lazy! It's tough when you work by yourself... good luck!

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