Dear Meryl Streep,

You are my favorite lady in Hollywood.

I think your wonderful! An amazing actress, as well as beautiful.
Your smart and witty. And you've never starred in a movie I didn't like.

love a fan,

{Photo from my very, favorite movie of hers, "Bridges Of Madison County."}

Hello friends,
I just watched Julie & Julia recently and loved it!

Have you seen it yet?
So cute and charming. I have a different perspective of Julia Child's...
what a neat lady! I'm now on a mission to find her 1st book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.
Maybe I'll check Ebay. I'd like the vintage edition, not the new one. It's probably going for an arm and a leg though!!!

Mr. Friend, just cooked her Roast Chicken for me, the other night and it was amazing!!!!
(I secretly love it when I come home from a long days work, and he's cooked for me.)

Please press pause on my music playlist below.

We'd like to try more of her recipes.
Off on a mission to find that book....... wish me luck!

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  1. I loved that movie and I love Julia Child! She is just amazing. I would watch her cooking show reruns when I was a little girl. And Meryl deserves an award for her portrayal!!


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