German Word Of The Day

der Mantel (Mäntel) - Coat

Easy to spell. Easy to write... forget about me trying to say it!!! Eek!

This coat is too pretty not to share:

What's makes this coat even better is its label ;)

This coat is a gift to myself for our trip to Germany.
It's more perfect than any other coat I own. It's so pretty, fitted... so it's quite flattering! I think my favorite thing about it, is that it's super warm but very, very light. Which is a good thing... because I've heard they weigh your luggage at the airport? Wow... I've never known this! Of course, I've only "flown" twice.
Both were one hour flights. I'm definitely going to need some advice on packing light for a two week trip to Europe!!!!!!
You will help me won't you? Advise me...

<3 michelle

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  1. What a gorgeous coat! Enjoy your trip! My husband studied German in high school and college and all he can remember is some phrase that translates to "they grow cows for their own use." I'm sure that would be helpful to anyone visiting Germany.


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