Too, too many tights!

Morning friends!

As I was having my coffee & eating breakfast this morning I was browsing Anthopologie's website. I have the following four things in my shopping-bag, totally unintentional and coincidental that it's Valentines Day soon...


I must tell you that Anthros tights are the best!
And if your like me, and have a bit of a "hoarding" disorder in your
dresser.drawers.filled.with.so many.pairs.of.tights.that.the.drawer.won't.close,
than this is the sale for you.
This time of year is the best time to stock up on them, winter is obviously still upon us and what better time to wear tights than in the spring? Perfect timing.

I especially like these lacy ones!

Though I have an array of colors in that over.stuffed.drawer of tights.
White is my favorite.

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