Mini Updates

I'm feeling pretty comfortable with these "mini" updates.

I think I'll try this for awhile, as it gives me a lot more breathing space. Adding just a few new items to the shoppe vs. doing a huge update... which is my usual habit. So, as weather permits you will be seeing 3-4 newbies listed everyday, minus weekends. I like this!

Thrift stores have been really good to me these last couple weeks. I've found several unique treasures. I work on cleaning them up, before they're listed of course. That's usually a pretty big task in itself. Several stores I frequent each day mark there prices in sharpie... which make me cringe!!! Especially when they price on wood. That's where goof-off comes in.
I swear I worship the stuff!

Here's a sneak-peek on a few things I just added to le' shoppe:

1. Antique Iron Family.

2. Metal Photo Display-Stand.

3. Vintage Tea-Tin.
{whispers}-with a secret surprise inside!

I found this old tea tin with 25 tiny yellow envelopes each with a safely stashed butterfly!
I was so happy when I found it!

All of these are for sale now. Please hop on over here and check em out:
Happy Thursday!



  1. Oh wow! What a great surprise inside!!!!! What will you do with those butterflies?
    Couple of things:
    I agree, listing just 3-6 items is so much better than lisitng a ton of stuff. I also enjoy it so much more that way
    Thrift stores and their tags drive me bananas! At goodwill they put the hugest stickiest tag right on top of an item, why not the botton? WHHHHHHYYYYY?????

  2. This is looking very dated now. Starcraft 2 is basically a remake of the first game, nothing more.

    I was excited about this game 2- 3 years ago, now I really don't care when/if it comes out.


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