New Blouse

hello Saturday.

hello rain.

hello readers.

I bought this new top a little while ago at the JCrew outlet.

Pictures just don't pick up the details... it has the prettiest buttons and ruffles and things and I tried to do my best to share it. The jumper I also picked up that day at JCrew.

Goodness there clothes are so, so nice, aren't they?
I love the simplicity of their clothes.

My H&M cardigan is so comfy.

The brooch was a special surprise from this lovely etsy shoppe.
A few months back this adorable lady asked if I "traded" on etsy and since I never had, I complied... and it was a sweet trade!!!
She wanted a couple of my treasures from my shoppe, so I checked out her shoppe and although I'm very flattered that etsy sellers ask if I'd like to trade, I've never found anything I really wanted to trade.
Her tooth bracelet that I shared here, was what I was more than happy to trade with!!

And, I'm so glad I did, because I love it so much!

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