A Newbie or Two.

Listed just now, for the store:

1. Vintage Silver Shells.

2. Two Vintage Mice Pins.

3. A hard to part with- Mushroom Salt/Pepper Set.

4. Charming Old Set Of Laundry Hangers.

5. Very Old Needlepoint Framed Art.


Lazy day here, as I sit in my office ;)
aka- the dining room table. Here as I sit and behind me I'm ...

... surrounded by the sound of my wind chimes, a few birds singing and the dishwasher *lol*

It was storming terribly a short time ago,
and who doesn't love the air outdoors, after a good rain. Although it's stopped and it's pretty cold, I sit here {bundled-up} updating my shoppe with my doors opened behind me. I love it!

I hope it's peaceful where ever you may be.



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