Behind A Scene

I'm feeling pretty good this afternoon.
I actually got my studio/warehouse/office all cleaned up!!
Phew... it was a lot of work. I love spring cleaning... when you can stand back and look and feel satisfied.
I do have a "system".
Treasures found get a good bath and then end up here:

This last Sunday at the Alameda Flea, I picked up that cool canvas military basket. I'd only wished I picked up two... this lady had a bunch of em and they were going so quickly! Amazed by the price, I could just kick myself now for not taking two :(
Oh well, that's how it goes.

It will be used as my so called, "holding tank". Treasures cleaned, are nestled in here until they are photographed. Where they then end up in le' garage... nestled individually each in their own tagged box. Awaiting their now homes ;)

As you can see... I have SO many things to list, as usual, what's new! ::LOL::

Now I must peel myself off this sofa and get busy!

Work this afternoon....

...see ya soon.

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