Ewa i Walla

dear ewa i walla,
you make the prettiest clothes on the planet.
Oh.. how much i wish i could afford some of your pretty dresses!

love always,

One can dream i suppose...
Wouldn't this be the perfect dress for picking berries in the woods?

These maryjanes are amazing! I actually found these on ebay!
I had fun google-ing ewa i walla.
Such lovely images with their models and pieces.
Most of the dresses above can also be found on ebay. I think I'll save some money and pick one of them up. Someday.

BTW: I need one of these... a red-head-little-girl!

ewa i walla also has a childrens line.


  1. most definitely, these are fairy tale clothes ...

  2. These are wonderful <3 Found a beautiful pinafore dress on ebay.

  3. Hi Michelle - I love Ewa, too and there's a great website that sells Ewa for a bit less than ebay or other shops - www.berenice.me.uk. Berenice is a UK agent for Ewa and is wonderful. And her website is great! She ships to the U.S. as well. Enjoy!

  4. I have found the Berenice website you mention Carolyn and you are right - it really is wonderful!! I managed to buy an outfit for my daughter from them and the customer service and delivery were a delight!! Thanks for the tip xxx

  5. Hi All - Glad you like Berenice - she really is great. Just wanted to let you all know that now there's a store in the U.S. that sells EWA as well! Artichoke in North Carolina - www.shopartichoke.com. Caryn who is the owner, will ship and has great prices. Happy shopping!

  6. some clothes from photos are from another swedish brand - I bougth some on ebay and now found it out that it is possible to buy them from www.aureavita.se


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