Puppy Love.


I have been a little phantom-blogger this week. but. I promise it is all in good reason. You could say. well. I've been a little preoccupied.
just a smidgen.

You see there is a new baby in the house. She is just the sweetest living-thing in the world. Her skin soft like black velvet ... those eyes ... so expressive. Let me say, I'm in love.

Yes, we are the proud parents of a little.12 week old.french bulldog.

I can't decide between two names. and. I'm for certain that she cannot be without a name for more than a week. Our choices are Miette or Eloise? and. well. I'm torn.

So without further a do:

Here she sits with her sister. Twins I was told. Our puppers is on the right.

I'll see you soon.
I'm off to enjoy that puppy-smell before it disappears indefinitely!


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