What I'm Wearing Today.

I'm so, so relieved it's Friday!
Aren't you?

It's a B.E.A.utiful day!
The sun is shining, my windows are wide opened and the fresh air feels great! I did a little thrift shopping today. I picked up a cool old black iron mail-box, some vintage children's flash cards, THREE very old Alice Books-hurrah! A 1915 fieldbook guide to trees. Let's see.... a vintage glass bead rosary. I am loving, collecting, finding and selling vintage religious artifacts. I've found myself quite drawn to them lately.
Also, found a couple of sets of old playing cards and clothes pins and ribbons.
Let me just say, it was a good day.
Not GREAT, but good.

For quite a few years I have been attached to vintage jean jackets. I know they are SO '90s aren't they? I don't know, I just like them. They coordinate with so many outfits and what can I say, they just so darn comfortable!

Jean Jacket~Vintage.Gap
Rhinestone Brooch~Thrifted.Vintage

I'm in for a relaxing.do.much.of.nothing.weekend. Preferably I'd rather have plans and be doing something!
But ... I guess my Mr. is working so maybe some spring cleaning will be in store!

Happy Friday StoryBook'ers!


  1. I LOVE jean jackets! I have a peacoat one and then a GAP one like what you are wearing. You look wonderful all dressed up.
    I think your junking day sounds pretty great are you keeping or selling?

  2. Love it! Those are great boots! Hope your having a fabulous weekend! xo

  3. Cute outfit!!! Those boots are great. I love boots so much- have about 6 pairs - I live in oh-so-hot Texas! :D

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