Thank Goodness Its Friday!

So glad that I have a three day weekend.
Spring-like outside, hope it lasts!
Another weekend get-away... fun things planned, so I'll be back on Monday. I have lots of packages making their way to their new homes... so I'd better hop to it!

Happy Weekend!

Knee-highs~Sock Dreams
Bee Brooch~Vintage

bye for now. xo.

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  1. Cute as always! I love how much you wear skirts and dresses :)
    I tink your above post about why we blog was so well written and said. I feel the same about the thoughts you expressed. Sometimes I feel guilty if I am only writing about me me me and not promoting someone else but then I wonder why I would feel guilty about that? I also started my blog for my vintage shop. There is definitely a "popular" girls mind set out there. Thankfully not everyone buys into it. I hope you are having a great weekend!! Any junking?


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