What Does It All Mean?


Why does one blog?
Who reads this stuff?
Who cares?
Don't we have better things to do?

Blogging is a funny world to be in.

I frequently visit quite a few daily. And, I admit I enjoy reading them. I have met some wonderful friends through these wires of the internet. Then I think, well why do people have a facebook? Same reasons, I think. Though blogging is a little more in depth of your life.


Yesterday I was visiting this lovely ladies blog. She was a given a heart-less and just plain
rude comment. Critiquing ones personality?
I am both sad and surprised:

{{{{"i just don't get this type of blogging. why would someone post a lengthy 'me, me, me' post for the entire world to read ~ and more importantly, why do complete strangers waste their time reading these posts? (I skipped to the bottom after the first couple if items.) There are a million and one better things you could be doing with your lives, people, get off your behinds and get out in the real world! Where have all the great photos gone? Think it's time to un-bookmark this blog. Bye-bye."}}}}


I don't understand why someone reads one's blog if they don't care? Why leave a hurtful message? Jealously? I don't know, I mean I know there is a lot of meanness in this world. It's everywhere.

So this has been on my mind all day.

I know it bothers her... and it really bothers me too.

Blogs are places we write and express ourselves. Online diaries per -say. And, if there is someone out there that's interested in your diary, than so be it. If not... then move on. Yes, it is all about us. Me, me, me!!!
How weird would it be if it was any other way?
I will say that I started this blog as a guide to my online vintage shop. Showcasing my new thrifted things.

Then it branched into the people, places and things I love. I'm not really good with words, though I do enjoy writing... but many days I'm at a lost with what to say.
I know I don't get very many visitors, I'm not the "popular girl" in the school. I am the shy girl and though I visit many blogs, I don't comment like I should, which probably explains why many do not comment here. I am more of a lurker and do need to work on that.
I am friendly, though shy, and enjoy blogging and am very grateful everyday for whomever visits little me and this simple life I lead. It is a really wonderful thing to come here and share all these things with you.

The world can be so isolating, and it amazing to have a little pocket of space where it feels anything but lonely.

Thanks for listening.