Wednesday, March 3rd

Marks my:

{awe,my first etsy sale}

Hard to believe it's been just about 365 days since I opened my shop here on Etsy.
One thing I had procrastinated about for months and months. I finally did for myself... set my mind to and I made it happen and I'm so proud of myself. Something quite small to some people, but Etsy has made a HUGE impact on my life. So much for the better and
I've learned so much having your own business...
and met some amazing friends along the way!

Though I joined Etsy on January 28Th, making sure I was able to have my shop name match by blog.... it took me several weeks to iron out the wrinkles and finally opened my doors.
So to mark my anniversary.... I am having a sale!

10% off - one or two treasures.
25% off - three or more treasures.
:shipping not discounted: - sorry.

Please choose which things you'd like to have, proceed to checkout. Then I will send you a revised paypal invoice with your discounts.

This sale will begin today March 3rd and end March 10Th.

I will also be having a giveaway {giftaway} soon ;)
So please look out for it!

Thanks for your support!


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