Window Shopping

Junebug is SO funny.
She is definitely a one-of-a-kind kitty.
We adopted her almost a year and a half ago and she is just figured out there are windows in the house. Only one window in the house actually has a table near it... a roost for her to peer through. Well.. not just that, but she has figured out how to open the shutters all by herself.
This window just so happens to be in our bedroom.
Nothing like being woke up to this sunshine glare... junebugs quirky little ways!!

I got out my iPhone so you could see how cute she is, I can't stay mad at her too long after she wakes me up.

I took this this morning... here she is relaxed, hanging out... checking things out.

Here she is seeing something really, really good!!!! Maybe a bird in a tree? I don't know, I looked out there and seen nothing. I think she has telescopic eyes ::LOL::
Just a few minutes after I took this photo, she started making this funny squeaking noise and her tail was twitching crazily. Pretty funny.

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