Why Is A Raven...

...like a writing desk?

A lot of Alice talk in internet-land!
Mixed reviews everywhere I look. So what were my thoughts? Considering I didn't really get my hopes up and I didn't set my standards high, even though I'd waited two years for it to debut.
I liked it! Really.

The first 25 minutes I was getting a little disappointed, and thinking to myself, " Come on Tim!!!"... then midway, I began to get happy! I know many fans of this wonderful written story are in fact, disappointed. But I mean it's Tim Burton! C'mon! You can't forget about that. I think his imagination and creativity was very, very cool!! and... SO much better than Willy-Wonka!

A mini interview of Tim Burton I came across this evening included this question about Mia.
I really liked his answer and can relate:

Can you talk about why you chose Mia Wasikowska for Alice?
"She has both a young quality and an old quality. Very grounded — some people are just all over the place. But some people, they have that old soul quality. And that's what we felt was important for this Alice. But, at the same time, to be young — there are people with old souls who are also na├»ve at the same time. There's a certain slight passiveness to Alice that's always in the material. So we wanted to give her more of a quiet strength, which Mia has herself — just as a person. I just liked her quality. I always like it when I sense people have that old-soul quality to them. Because you're witnessing this whole thing through her eyes, it needed somebody who can subtly portray that."

~I too, have an old soul quality, I think.
My whole adult life I have always felt "older" than my actual age, even when I was a little girl... so as the years pass by so quickly... I'm just catching up, I suppose.


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