Against My Will...

...I will be watching New Moon, this evening.

My boss is treating all of us to a movie, then dinner and drinks. Of course the movie chosen was this new Twilight movie. Trust me it wasn't unanimous! { heck... I haven't even seen the first one}!! lol
Mind you, I'm not really into a teenager craze movies. Should I be worried? HELP!

It means alot to her to have us all together, so I have to be there ;)

On a different note:

I have so much to do this week. What with Thanksgiving and all. I'm hosting it at my house this year.

I really wanted to pick up a fresh Christmas tree a little earlier than usual, for my family. Have things a little more festive, as some of them may not be here for Christmas. But wouldn't ya know it, not a fresh tree to be found this weekend:
Target, Nada!
A few street corners, Nada!
Home Depot, Nada!
I always thought they sold Christmas trees WAY sooner than the arrival of Thanksgiving? No? I usually set up my pretty flocked artificial tree, so it shows you how much I know about this :D

I have some neat new treasures ready to be posted in the shoppe, that's another thing I am working on this week. So if things go as I'd like, I'll have at least some of them listed.

I hope the beginning of this short week is treating you well!
See you soon.


  1. Whatever you do, don't read the books. Your brain will literally shrink to a pea, and only "War and Peace" will bring it back to its original size! :-) Sorry if I offended any Twilighters out there!

  2. that little kitty video is hilarious!!! major points to that officer for not just tossing the poor cat - as some folks would do; that cat it persistent! Loved this!


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