An Oldie But A Goodie & Teeth

I've had this dress for a couple of summers now. One of my favorites but not worn as much as I should. I love it's misc. patchwork, and feels so very comfy.


So yeah, we just had a brand new H&M put in town, I'm very excited! They have the best cardigans and scarves and accessories and things! I was one of those silly people waiting in line for it's grand opening. It was worth it though cause they gave me a 25$ gift card just for that :D
I want to pick up one of their cardigans in every color that they carry!!

I also wanted to share a new family heirloom ;)
I picked up on Etsy.
Well, if you read my blog than you kinda know I like interesting and unusual things ;)
So this bracelet I have, was made by a charming Etsy seller. She re purposes alot of jewelry for making and she found this old necklace made of teeth, that's right teeth!!! I know, I know.....but it's SOOOO cool and of course I just had to have it! Please don't judge me.{{lol}} And there polished and smoothed out.
Story is she picked it up from an older lady that couldn't remember where she picked up the teeth. OK by me though. I love it!

It's my new favorite thing.


  1. your look so adorable...as always! that bracelet of teeth is AWESOME...lovely and creepy at the same time! and i am so excited about your typewriter stand happy ending!! TWO?!

  2. darlin' outfit and crazy cool bracelet!! sidenote: i am pretty much totally in love with the Mary Poppins umbrella in your shop right now!

  3. CUTE dress! I have never been to an H&M....The closest one to us is Seattle which isn't that close ;)
    What a strange and wonderful bracelet!


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