Pt. 2 To The Typewriter Stand Story


Well initially they're wasn't a plan for a part 2 to my sad short story.

First off, thank you for listening to me babble on and on in my pity :)
thank you for the many of you that offered to keep there eyes peeled in the case you came across one of these little stands, not even thinking as a wrote that post as to how I'd even be able to have it shipped to me.
but your generous offers were certainly appreciated!!!

One reader however, commented that she had one or two in her store and her shoppe was just a few miles out of town. You can visit her blog here, a very, very sweet lady by the name of Sandi ;)

I really have her to thank!
Because as Mr.Friend and I browsed her most charming boutique I really contemplated on purchasing one of her two tables she had for sale. Kicking myself in the butt and missing out on one for 10 bucks, I was having a hard time bringing myself down to pay full price. Her prices were really quite good though, $49, not too bad. But, it wasn't so much the price that kept me from buying it, it was the hunt and satisfaction of finding one on my own while thrifting. Do you know what I mean? I hope so, otherwise I'm making no sense at all.

I decided to pass on her stands, but the chances of me returning were good. My inner self was telling me to wait. So we drove out to another small town not too far from her shop, a thrift store. Which I never really go to and hadn't gone if I wasn't already out that way. Anyhoo..... I found a stand!!!! Five minutes into our shopping excursion it sat, and waited for me in the furniture department. I truly gasped, looked over at hubby's and felt the biggest grin on my face!!!
$2.99.... did you hear me $2.99. What? Are you serious?
But OH NO, it gets even better, when I went to check out, furniture just so happened to be 40% off that day :D
I paid a whopping $1.81? WOW!!

I think I'll use it as a side table for now.

But the day gets EVEN better! Oh yeah!
Next thrift shop close to my home had another one! Almost identical, just heavier! And $4.99.
Can you believe it? Two in one day? How in the *beep* does that happen?

This little stand will assist me in the shipping department for my shop, eventually I'll have a little vintage typewriter sitting upon it and assist me with thank you notes to my customers.

I really do have Sandi to thank! Thank you for commenting me and giving the push to get out of the house that day. If it wasn't for you, I'd still be a little sad ;)

Thank you for listening to me ramble on about such a silly story really!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh, wow!!! How wonderful! I'm so happy things worked out the way they did. Congrats!

  2. Hello Michele, Wow! don't be surprised if you run into me at one of those thrift stores....I wish I had the time to look in them. You were fortunate to find two typing tables. I only found two in one year. I am happy you had a good shopping day, they are both real sweet. sandi

  3. Michelle! That was a great story! So happy you found what you were looking for. Funny how that happens sometimes :)

  4. I love happy endings! I can't believe how inexpensively you scored! I actually have a similar story on my blog... check check check it out!


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