Storytime In French

A very sweet friend of mine sent me this video.
I don't visit YouTube very much, but this little girl has to be the
CUTEST thing I've EVER seen in my whole life!

Please press pause on my playlist and sit back and enjoy her story:

PS. I have a wonderful, truly unbelievable happy ending to my last post.

I can't wait to share what happened!


  1. Oh, I've seen this before- she is adorable! How funny- I just posted a similar video on my blog tonight! (in english, lol)..

  2. French storytime is for families with preschoolers who are already familiar with the language or who want to learn

  3. She is adorable and twisted. Two of my favorite quailities in a child.

  4. oh do share your happy ending!!! (that little girl is SOOO cute!)


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