Sneak Peek Inspiration{for-me}

Sophie Blackall... a wonderful artist and certainly one of my favorites.
Her etsy shop can be found here.

She is featured on design sponge, with pictures of her lovely apartment:

A lot of comments on how it's a bit bizarre and creepy.
I beg to differ.
I adore her collections. Yes, many things that would other wise be discarded but collected very beautifully.

Her armadillo looks a bit familiar ;)

{all pics courtesy-design*sponge}

We share the same aesthetic. She uses a lot of elements and features many things I use and display in my own home.

As another commenter stated:"I love the cabinet of curiosities feel. I wouldn't say creepy—more like wondrous or awe-inspiring".

I agree whole-heartily!!!!

If you'd like you can read more here.


  1. Hi: I just stumbled across your etsy site and now blog....love love love your stuff...your Albert Einstein quote...one of my favs I live by it...

  2. i agree, Michelle! it's fantastic!! i love the wall of dolls...the case of doll legs...the taxidermy...ok, i love everything!

  3. Oh - I love it! I went over and saw the rest of the pictures and think it is wonderful!

  4. So sad I wasn’t able to rsvp. The party was already closed by the time I tried. Now if someone could toss an invite my way, I would love it!

  5. So wonderful! In addition to all of the lovely ornaments and lights I am a tad obsessed with that teapot sitting on the floor.


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