A Typewriter Stand Short Story

I found one of these while thriting a couple weeks ago. This isn't the exact one, but very similar to it. It was in much, much better shape than this one too.

First day I seen it, I really liked it. $9.99, and a good price. BUT, I thought Hmmm?

A week later shopping again with Mr.Friend, and I looked at it again. He says, " You know what that is don't you?" {lol}, yup! I still passed it up...AGAIN!

My third visit it was gone :(
Of course, after I'd thought about it and wanted it!!!!
I can't for the life of me think why I didn't take it? I could just kick myself. I know we've all done it, if you see something you like, BUY IT!

So that's the moral of my short story!
A VERY sad ending.

I REALLY, really want one! If any readers out there has one{that you don't want}, or see's one{cheap}, please think of me ;)

Happy Weekend!


  1. Hello Michelle,
    Wellll, I have two of them one at the store and one at home for me...Yes, you should have bought it for $9.99 that was a good price. Keep your eyes open for another one. They are still around. They make a cute side table or plant stand. Have a nice weekend. sandi

  2. oh i know exactly what you mean! if i come across one, it's yours (if i can figure out how to ship it to you!)...cheer up, friend!

  3. ...alicia,
    Awe, thanks! But don't be surprised if you fall in love with these little tables, if you come across one. I'm pretty certain you will ;)


  4. Isn't that how it always goes. You have a very cute little blog!

  5. Michele, it was nice to see you today. Thanks for coming in today. Have a great Sunday. sandi

  6. I pass things up ALL the time and then make myself sick later obsessing over it. Why, oh, why do I do this to myself??! Here's hoping you find another...

  7. P.S. Persnickety is one of my favorite words! haha (just read your profile).

  8. I just hate when that happens. awwwwwwww...hope you find a better one cheaper!

  9. oh i know exactly what you mean! if i come across one, it's yours (if i can figure out how to ship it to you!). hope you find a better one cheaper!


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